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Greene County Democratic Central Committee has a new logo:


Turning Greene County Blue happens one voter at a time.


We are meeting and engaging people in our community who share the values of the Democratic party.


If you haven't visited one of our groups or attended an event, see the list at the bottom of this message. Want to help us with a donation?  We welcome any level of involvement in Turning Greene County Blue... (continue reading here)

Contribute Through ActBlue and Help Us Turn Greene County Blue  (click here to contribute)

Greene County Democrats have an interim executive director at the headquarters now. Kay Mills will be filling in part time as director through the election. She's splitting her time between Greene County Democrats and Missouri ProVote, where she is the Springfield Regional Organizer. Call or stop by the headquarters if you have any questions, or just to say hi.


September 2014 Calendar



Let's Send Charlie Norr Back to Jefferson City

and Elect Other Democrats

Yard signs for Jim Evans, Rusty Aton, Charlie Norr, and Kevin Knox are at Democratic Headquarters. Pick up yard signs between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Friday,  and  9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.


If you want a County Clerk who intends to follow election laws and protect the rights of all Greene County voters and not one whose goal is to implement voter ID and restrict absentee voting, help Rusty Aton.  Anyone walking for another candidate could also carry and deliver campaign literature for Rusty.  His flyers are available at Democratic Headquarters.


 If you live in the SE and far SW Greene County area and are willing  to walk your neighborhood for Rusty, email rustyaton2014@gmail.com or call 877-9271. Rusty is so committed to making sure that Greene County continues to have a County Clerk who will protect the voting rights of all voters that he is personally willing to match $1 for each $2 donated to his campaign.  Help him raise the money to compete for the County Clerk position. Campaign donation envelopes are available at Democratic Headquarters. Pick up Rusty's campaign cards at Democratic Headquarters and give them to your family, friends and neighbors. Leave them as door hangers if no one is home. 

Talking to potential voters at the door is one of the most effective ways of turning out Democratic voters. Volunteer to canvass if you are able.


Saturdays and Sundays in September, Democratic Headquarters will be open for volunteers to pick up canvassing lists for Angie Filbeck and Charlie Norr. On Saturdays the office will be open 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. for people to pick up and return lists. Sundays, the office will be open 9:45 a.m. to 10 a.m. for people to pick up lists. Return lists between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, as early in the week as you can.

Volunteer to canvass with CHARLIE AND PEGGY NORR or to drop literature at homes in Charlie's district by contacting Charlie at charlienorr@sbcglobal.net or at 417-831-6944 (office phone).



If you are willing to canvass with ANGIE FILBECK during the week, contact her at angie@angiefilbeck.com


If you are willing to canvass or walk in the Labor Day Parade with MARLEE YANT, contact her at rep.yant@gmail.com or at 987-6886.

If the weather is cooler than 90 and you are willing to canvass with SANDY GROGAN in Strafford from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. (or earlier, if you wish), contact her at electgrogan137th@gmail.com or at 417-860-7002.


Also contact Sandy if
--you could do the art work on a post card
--work her tent or walk or ride in a classic car with her in the 9 a.m. parade
at the Route 66 days event on Sept. 13 at Strafford
(If you are going to help Sandy on Sept. 13, e-mail her your size, and she'll have a t-shirt ready for you for the event.)

Join JIM EVANS as he campaigns against Billy Long by putting up a sign!
If you have a high-traffic, high-visibility location for a standard or a 2' x 4' "sign,  or if you are willing to install signs in locations inside and outside of Greene County,  contact Jim at jimevansforcongress@gmail.com or at 417-846-3309.  (Yard signs are available at Democratic Headquarters. If you don't have a good location for a sign, donations to buy signs and t-posts are equally important.)

Support Jim at community events.  If you are willing to support Jim at the Billings Community Fair, especially the parade at 1 p.m. this
Saturday (8-30); at the Pierce City Car Show, also this Saturday (8-30) from 8 a.m.-3 p.m.; or at the Springfield Labor Day Parade on Sept. 1, contact Jim at jimevansforcongress@gmail.com or at 417-846-3309.

DONNA BERGEN needs letters to the editor and donations or locations for signs
If you are willing to write a letter to the editor. walk with Donna in the September 1 Springfield Labor Day Parade, donate money for signs or suggest a good sign location, or host a fund raising event contact Donna at 868-8280 or at dbergen3@mchsi.com. .

Information about area Democratic candidates:
Candidate for U.S. Congress
from the 7th Congressional District:

Jim Evans, candidate for Congress:
jimevansforcongress@gmail.com 417-846-3309 http://jimevansforcongress.com/
Listen to our campaign radio ads:

Democratic Candidates for Missouri House of Representatives:

Marlee Yant, candidate for state representative in the 131st district  Faceboook: Marlee Yant for state rep-dist 131;rep.yant@gmail.com 987-6886

Charlie Norr, state representative in the 132nd district Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/charlienorr  charlienorr@sbcglobal.net 417-831-6944 (office phone)


Kevin Knox, candidate for state representative in the 134th district   417-987-8897


Angie Fillbeck, candidate for state representative in the 135th district   angie@angiefilbeck.com 417-619-3404 angiefilbeck.com


Sandy Grogan, candidate for state representative in the 137th district   electgrogan137th@gmail.com 417-860-7002  Facebook: Sandy-Grogan-for-State-Rep-Mo-House-137th

Jim Billedo, candidate for state representative in the 140th district Facebook: Jim Billeo works for you  jrb140@yahoo.com 417-343-7826


Charles (Hugh) Shields, candidate for state representative in the 161st district   charles.shieldsfor161@gmail.com 417-529-9333



Democratic Candidate for Greene County Clerk:

Rusty Aton, candidate for Greene County Clerk  rda160@yahoo.com 877-9271 rustyaton.org

Democratic Candidate for Greene County Presiding Commissioner:

Donna Bergen, candidate for Greene County Presiding Commissioner   868-8280 dbergen3@mchsi.com donnabergen.com

Democratic Candidate for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2:

James Owen, running for re-election as Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2 417-496-1924 Facebook: Keep Judge Owen for Webster County
"Citizens to Keep Judge Owen" PO Box 209, Marshfield, MO 65706.





Local News



Please consider making a gift of financial support to the Greene County Democrats. Your donation can be   mailed to or dropped off at 1764 S Fremont, or you can give online at Act Blue - the online Democratic giving center,  click here ACTBlue Giving Link

The NAACP is non-partisan, but many Democrats like to stay informed about their activities. Click here to access the Springfield NAACP website.


Democrats are Committed to Moving Missouri Forward!


Show your commitment by volunteering in 2014. 
These candidates carry the banner and message of our party and they need your help. Will you commit to electing Democrats?


US Congress, 7th Dist

Jim Evans - "We the people can, working together, establish justice, ensure peace, defend freedom, expand opportunity, and secure the blessings of liberty for all."  To join the campaign or request a yard sign visit websiteIf you would like to attend a house party on June 29th at 6pm in Springfield contact 417-689-0341 for more info    
Genevieve Williams  -"I believe there are great ideas in Missouri that need to be shared, including our state motto: "the welfare of the people shall be the supreme law." visit website

Greene County Presiding Commissioner

Donna Bergen "My focus will be on fiscal security, the long term over populated jail, county located job growth, and appropriate compensation for county employees." visit website

Greene County Clerk

Rusty Aton -  "The County Clerk's office is no place for career politicians with an agenda to promote. Trust your democratic right to a businessman who is dedicated to serving Greene County, not his own political interests." visit website
Richard Buchli  - "Keep politics out of the clerk's office, make decisions based on the best interests of the county's residents, not based on the next election cycle."  If you would like to volunteer for Richard's campaign call him at 417-379-4427. To learn more about the campaign or make a donation visit website

State Representative

District 131
Marlee Yant -  "It's time to take care of our incomes, our schools, and our planet." visit website
District 132
Charlie Norr -  In addition to his legislative duties, Rep Norr is a retired fire department Captain, having served 20 years as a firefighter and paramedic. Charlie Norr also served in the US Navy from 1961-65
District 134
Kevin Knox -  Working Hard for Working Families. 417-987-8897
District 135
Angie Filbeck  - Committed to fighting for our values, strong classrooms, great jobs.The 135th District is 53% Democrat, this is a seat we can win! Your support is essential to our efforts. For information about volunteering or to make a donation visit website   We'd  love for you to host a house party!
District 137
Sandy Grogan -  "The Republicans in the House have done nothing to help workers, women, or children but have done plenty to take away from them. I can't let one of those Republicans get back in office." 417-860-7002
District 140
Jim Billedo  - Works For You!  visit website


 Resolve to Connect with Democrats in 2014

All Democratic groups welcome visitors events. Feel free to attend, or call our headquarters to ask questions: 417-886-8980. Drop-ins are welcome too. Most days, headquarters is staffed from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. by volunteers, and our executive director can be found there as well. We are located near the intersection of Sunshine and Fremont at 1764 S. Fremont Avenue - our parking lot is behind Mr. Smith's auto shop. We look forward to meeting you!  


State News


Around the State



Please take the time to visit the Missouri Health Alliance website to read about the efforts of the Missouri Medicaid Expansion Coalition. 


Read the latest from the state Democratic party. Click here for their website. 


More Democratic news and opinions at : http://www.showmeprogress.com/


Planned Parenthood of Southwest Missouri


Hosting the Missouri Medicaid Coalition - Medicaid Expansion Phone Banks are scheduled Click here to contact Crystal for more details. 

ProVote continues to support the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri. Click here to contact Kay for more details.


Secretary of State Jason Kander has announced that he has set up a commission examining “the most efficient, fair and secure way to allow eligible Missourians to cast a ballot before Election Day.” Click here for the full article. 


What are Legislators in Jefferson City Doing to Missouri Workers?  Read about it here.