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Greene County Democratic Central Committee has a new logo:


Turning Greene County Blue happens one voter at a time.


We are meeting and engaging people in our community who share the values of the Democratic party.


If you haven't visited one of our groups or attended an event, see the list at the bottom of this message. Want to help us with a donation?  We welcome any level of involvement in Turning Greene County Blue... (continue reading here)

Contribute Through ActBlue and Help Us Turn Greene County Blue  (click here to contribute)

Greene County Democrats have an interim executive director at the headquarters now. Kay Mills will be filling in part time as director through the election. She's splitting her time between Greene County Democrats and Missouri ProVote, where she is the Springfield Regional Organizer. Call or stop by the headquarters if you have any questions, or just to say hi.



See you at the watch party at the Double Tree, 2341 N. Glenstone,  after the polls close Tuesday night.  We've worked together.  Let's watch the returns together. 

Contact the candidate(s) of your choice and volunteer to do what you can.   
*contact JIM EVANS at jimevansforcongress@gmail.com or 417-846-3309
*contact RUSTY ATON at rustyaton2014@gmail.com or 877-9271
*contact DONNA BERGEN at dbergen3@mchsi.com or 868-8280
*contact CHARLIE NORR at charlienorr@sbcglobal.net or 417-831-6944  
*contact ANGIE FILBECK at angie@angiefilbeck.com or 417-619-3404  
*contact MARLEE YANT at rep.yant@gmail.com or 987-6886
*contact SANDY GROGAN at electgrogan137th@gmail.com or 417-860-7002
*contact KEVIN KNOX at 417-987-8897 
*contact JIM BILLEDO at jrb140@yahoo.com or 417-343-7826 
*contact JAMES OWEN at 417-496-1924
If you're willing to volunteer at Democratic Headquarters...
Call Democratic Headquarters at 886-8980 and schedule a day and time to volunteer.
Let's put all political signs where they can be seen 
Yard signs for Jim Evans, Rusty Aton, Sandy Grogan, Vote No on 3 and Medicaid expansion are now available at Democratic Headquarters.   Pick up yard signs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondaythrough Friday and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.

Make calls or canvass to tell voters about Rusty Aton 
Time:  Wednesday and Thursday, October 29 and 30, from 5-8 p.m.  
Place:  National Audio Company, 309 E Water St, Springfield
Canvassing for Rusty will happen Saturday and Sunday
If you can call or canvass for Rusty, contact Marla Marantz at mjmarantz@aol.com or at 849-8607.  

Join James Owen at Ophelia's to support his reelection campaign  
Trevor Crist is hosting a Happy Hour for James from 5:30 to 7 p.m. tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 29).  Money raised at the event will fund a final, personalized mailing in Webster County.  If you cannot come to the event but wish to help James, make an online donation at keepjudgeowen.com.

Bring friends and neighbors to meet Angie Filbeck, Rusty Aton, Jim Evans and Donna Bergen and to learn more about Amendment 3
This is a final opportunity for people to meet Angie and our three Greene County candidates.  Join them tonight (Wednesday, Oct. 29) for snacks and casual conversation at the home of Sue Conine, 920 S. Sparks, from 6 to 8 p.m.   RSVP:  sueconine@att.net    


Help Sandy Grogan win the 137th Missouri House seat 
Sandy wrote, "I would like to have anyone who wants to lose weight, get fit and enjoy our beautiful fall weather help handbill. Two volunteers are helping  in Strafford, and I need help in Marshfield, Fair Grove, Rogersville and Springfield east of 65. Hand bills or phone calls will help a lot. A friend of mine from St. Louis is going to make calls for me using her roll over minutes, and she is looking for a few volunteers. Webster County has their hands full. When I took yard signs to their meeting less than half of the people there were in my district so they couldn't put them out in their yards. Again, thanks for thinking of me. Sandy"

If you can help, contact Sandy at electgrogan137th@gmail.com or 417-860-7002. 

Let's increase Democratic turnout by reminding supporters to vote

Get Out the Vote phone banks will be held from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Sunday and Monday nights.  We'll be calling people who have said they support our candidates, encouraging them to vote.

Get Out the Vote canvasses can happen anytime people are free on SaturdaySunday andMonday.  Again, we will be contacting supporters, reminding them to vote.  BE SURE TO PICK UP WEEKEND CANVASSING PACKETS BY 1 P.M. ON SATURDAY.

If you are willing to make calls or canvass, reply to this e-mail or call Democratic Headquarters at 886-8980.  


Get Out the Vote calls for Jim Evans can be made from your home or from Democratic Headquarters at any time that is convenient for you.  If you wish to make these calls, contact Jim atjimevansforcongress@gmail.com

Let's pick up yard signs and invite supporters to become part of the Democratic community 

On Wednesday, Nov. 5, let's pick up yard signs and leave thank you notes that invite those who support Democratic candidates to become part of the Democratic community.  It helps us all to be supportive of Democratic candidates and causes if we know others who share our values.

Reply to this e-mail or call Democratic Headquarters if you are willing to be part of this effort. 




 Candidate for U.S. Congress 
from the 7th Congressional District:

Jim Evans, candidate for Congress


Listen to our campaign radio ads:



Democratic Candidates for Missouri House of Representatives:
  Marlee Yant, candidate for state representative in the 131st district  
rep.yant@gmail.com     987-6886   
Charlie Norr, state representative in the 132nd district
charlienorr@sbcglobal.net     417-831-6944 (office phone) 

Kevin Knox, candidate for state representative in the 134th district 

Angie Fillbeck, candidate for state representative in the 135th district 
   angie@angiefilbeck.com    417-619-3404      angiefilbeck.com    

Sandy Grogan, candidate for state representative in the 137th district
Jim Billedo, candidate for state representative in the 140th district
Facebook:  Jim Billeo works for you 
jrb140@yahoo.com     417-343-7826 

Charles (Hugh) Shields, candidate for state representative in the 161st district  
charles.shieldsfor161@gmail.com     417-529-9333

Democratic Candidate for Greene County Clerk:


Rusty Aton, candidate for Greene County Clerk


rda160@yahoo.com     877-9271      rustyaton.org 




Democratic Candidate for Greene County Presiding Commissioner:




Donna Bergen, candidate for Greene County Presiding Commissioner 


868-8280     dbergen3@mchsi.com     donnabergen.com 

  Democratic Candidate for Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2:

James Owen, running for re-election as Associate Circuit Judge, Division 2

417-496-1924     Facebook:  Keep Judge Owen for Webster County
"Citizens to Keep Judge Owen"         PO Box 209, Marshfield, MO 65706.


The Greene County Democratic Central Committee is actively opposing three amendments on the November 4 ballot, urging voters to vote "no" on Amendments 3, 6 and 10.


Amendment 3, if passed, would implement teacher performance evaluations that would be used to determine whether a teacher should be dismissed, retained, demoted or promoted. It would also prevent teachers from collectively bargaining over the terms of these evaluations. All local teachers organizations including the Missouri National Education Association and the Missouri State Teachers Association, the Missouri Association of School Administrators, the Missouri School Boards Association, and close to 100 school boards around the state have come out against this measure.This amendment takes local control of our schools away from parents, teachers and school districts, and hands it over to politicians.


Greene County Democrats also passed a resolution opposing Amendment 6, noting that this measure only allows 6 days of early voting, does not allow for any Saturday or Sunday voting and that it will only go into effect if the Legislature funds the measure, which they have not yet agreed to do.


The Committee passed a third resolution opposing Amendment 10, urging voters to vote NO. This amendment places a number of limitations on the Governor's powers to propose a budget and to allocate funds without legislative consent. This amendment prohibits the governor from reducing funding passed by the general assembly without legislative consent.


Oct. 27 and Nov. 2 and 3:  GET OUT THE VOTE PHONE BANKS   

In 2010, two State Legislative races were decided by 100 or 200 votes in Greene County.  Voter turnout is going to be critical again this year.  Help us Get Out the Democratic Vote in Greene County from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. on October 27, November 2 and November 3 at the Democratic Headquarters, 1764 S. Fremont.  Each of  these nights we will call people who support our candidates throughout Greene County and remind them to vote.  Please let us know if you can make it, so we can get the lists ready. 


Election Night Watch Party, Tuesday, Nov. 4 at Double Tree, 2341 N Glenstone 

Join us on election night to watch the results roll in at the Double Tree, 2341 N. Glenstone.  We'll have free appetizers, a cash bar and tvs to watch the local and national results.  All the Greene County Democratic candidates have been invited to attend.  Join us to celebrate their hard work!  Call 886-8980 with any questions. If you want to bring your yard signs back that night, we'll collect them and store them. 


House Parties to meet Greene County Democratic Candidates October 28 and 29 

On October 28 from 6 to 8 p.m., Carrie Brauch is hosting a house party at 743 S. Delaware (rsvp to carriembrauch@gmail.com) and on October 29 from 6 to 8 p.m.., Sue Conine is hosting a house party at 920 S. Sparks, (rsvp to sueconine@att.net.)  At both parties, we'll have 4 Democratic candidates: Angie Filbeck,  Democrat for state representative, 135th district,  Jim Evans, Democrat for Congress, Rusty Aton, Democrat for County Clerk, and Donna Bergen, Democrat for Greene County Presiding Commissioner. Call 886-8980 with any questions. 


Support Democrats in Webster County Saturday, November 1 at 6 p.m.

2nd Annual Heritage Dinner, Saturday, November 1 at 6 p.m. at .  Sheila's Place (a restaurant),  915 S. Marshall Street, Marshfield, MO.
Honoring:  Retiring Collector of Revenue, David Young.  (He is the longest serving elected Democrat is Webster County.)
Speaker:  Judge Kenneth Thompson

Topic:  Being a Democrat in Webster County: David Young Style.

Cost:  $17.50 per plate.   Call 417-859-4171 by Monday to attend. 


Local News



Please consider making a gift of financial support to the Greene County Democrats. Your donation can be   mailed to or dropped off at 1764 S Fremont, or you can give online at Act Blue - the online Democratic giving center,  click here ACTBlue Giving Link

The NAACP is non-partisan, but many Democrats like to stay informed about their activities. Click here to access the Springfield NAACP website.


Democrats are Committed to Moving Missouri Forward!


Show your commitment by volunteering in 2014. 
These candidates carry the banner and message of our party and they need your help. Will you commit to electing Democrats?


US Congress, 7th Dist

Jim Evans - "We the people can, working together, establish justice, ensure peace, defend freedom, expand opportunity, and secure the blessings of liberty for all."  To join the campaign or request a yard sign visit websiteIf you would like to attend a house party on June 29th at 6pm in Springfield contact 417-689-0341 for more info   

Greene County Presiding Commissioner

Donna Bergen "My focus will be on fiscal security, the long term over populated jail, county located job growth, and appropriate compensation for county employees." visit website

Greene County Clerk

Rusty Aton -  "The County Clerk's office is no place for career politicians with an agenda to promote. Trust your democratic right to a businessman who is dedicated to serving Greene County, not his own political interests." visit website

State Representative

District 131
Marlee Yant -  "It's time to take care of our incomes, our schools, and our planet." visit website
District 132
Charlie Norr -  In addition to his legislative duties, Rep Norr is a retired fire department Captain, having served 20 years as a firefighter and paramedic. Charlie Norr also served in the US Navy from 1961-65
District 134
Kevin Knox -  Working Hard for Working Families. 417-987-8897
District 135
Angie Filbeck  - Committed to fighting for our values, strong classrooms, great jobs.The 135th District is 53% Democrat, this is a seat we can win! Your support is essential to our efforts. For information about volunteering or to make a donation visit website   We'd  love for you to host a house party!
District 137
Sandy Grogan -  "The Republicans in the House have done nothing to help workers, women, or children but have done plenty to take away from them. I can't let one of those Republicans get back in office." 417-860-7002
District 140
Jim Billedo  - Works For You!  visit website


 Resolve to Connect with Democrats in 2014

All Democratic groups welcome visitors events. Feel free to attend, or call our headquarters to ask questions: 417-886-8980. Drop-ins are welcome too. Most days, headquarters is staffed from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. by volunteers, and our executive director can be found there as well. We are located near the intersection of Sunshine and Fremont at 1764 S. Fremont Avenue - our parking lot is behind Mr. Smith's auto shop. We look forward to meeting you!  


State News


Around the State



Please take the time to visit the Missouri Health Alliance website to read about the efforts of the Missouri Medicaid Expansion Coalition. 


Read the latest from the state Democratic party. Click here for their website. 


More Democratic news and opinions at : http://www.showmeprogress.com/


Planned Parenthood of Southwest Missouri


Hosting the Missouri Medicaid Coalition - Medicaid Expansion Phone Banks are scheduled Click here to contact Crystal for more details. 

ProVote continues to support the expansion of Medicaid in Missouri. Click here to contact Kay for more details.


Secretary of State Jason Kander has announced that he has set up a commission examining “the most efficient, fair and secure way to allow eligible Missourians to cast a ballot before Election Day.” Click here for the full article. 


What are Legislators in Jefferson City Doing to Missouri Workers?  Read about it here.