About Greene County Democratic Party

The Greene County Democratic Party is organized with the Greene County Democratic Central Committee, whose members are representatives to the political divisions of Wards and Townships throughout the county. There is one Committeeman and one Committeewoman for each Ward or Township.


We are involved in community education initiatives, and in efforts to increase voter participation in every election cycle. We also work to recruit and support candidates.


Chair - Christopher L Brown  
Vice-Chair - Mary Faucet

Secretary - Marla Marantz
Treasurer - Wes Zongker

Executive Director – C. Skyler Johnston
Volunteer Coordinator – Vicky Trippe


In 2005, Greene County became a trend-setter in Missouri when we decided to have a full-time executive director. The counties of Boone and Jackson & the City of St. Louis followed suit in subsequent years. We purchased our Springfield headquarters at 1764 S Fremont Ave. in June, 2007.


We raise our money locally, and rely on it to pay for our executive director and to keep our headquarters open year round.  We hope you will take the time to come by, say hello, and get involved with the Democratic Party here in Greene County.